The Basilica Couture Wedding Stylist

What Is The Difference Between A Wedding Stylist & A Wedding Planner? This is something that understandably confuses a lot of newly engaged couples. Both help you to make the wedding in your head come to fruition, but each in a different way. To use a simple analogy, imagine that getting ready for your wedding is like building a house. Your Planner is your general contractor, while your Stylist is your interior designer. They are able to refer vendors and artisans they are affiliated with, that will supply their services to you.

The Planner, usually connected to the venue, oversees big picture logistics and all the “sub-contractors” who are involved in making your wedding day happen. The Planner assists you with a timeline and flow for your wedding day, and manages logistics. On your wedding day, they will direct your family and wedding party during the ceremony, coordinate all vendors, keep things on schedule, etc.

The Basilica Couture Wedding Stylist and designer, Ms Panatou who has 40 years in the bridal industry on the other hand, will focus more on the aesthetics of your wedding. She designs the couple’s wedding by creating their own signature style, based on their individual desires, Feng Shui principles and chromatic trends ensuring that all the details like stationery, flowers, dresses, china, linens, lighting, location, venue, etc work well together visually.

The Basilica Couture Wedding Stylist services will soon be available online for interstate and international brides and grooms. To learn more about the different styling packages and to book an appointment with The Basilica Couture Wedding Stylist, please fill out our contact form.

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