The Flower Girl

During the ceremony, the flower girl proceeds down the aisle immediately after the maid of honor/ bridesmaids, scattering flower petals along the bridal path. Typically, she walks with the ring bearer (if there is one) and immediately precedes the bride. In most circumstances, she carries a basket full of flower petals or confetti. Sometimes a single bloom or a pomander (a lush ball of flowers). Some couples may decide they want a flower girl in their wedding party simply to include the youngest female member of the family in the formalities, but there is also some significance to the role of the flower girl; her purpose is to lead the bride forward.

The flower girl symbolizes the end of the bride’s innocence and her transition into the role of a wife and mother and wishes for fertility for the couple and the forming of their new family. The flower girl’s youth contrasts with the bride’s passage from childhood to the duties and roles expected of a mature woman. Often, the attire of the flower girl closely matches the attire of the bride, intensifying the contrast between childhood and adulthood. This is the reason that the bride’s gown and the flower girl’s dress are usually the same colour.

The Basilica Couture designer, Ms Panatou, creates gorgeous flower girl dresses to complement the wedding gown. She also has a ready to wear collection of simpler styled dresses that can be appliquéd with lace or embellished with crystals as that used on the wedding gown. They can be viewed at this link:

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